About Us

HandPlantSt. David’s is a diverse community of believers, all coming together from different places and stages in their own unique journey of faith. We are young & old, male & female, gay & straight, serious & goofy. And we all come from far and wide to pray, learn, and serve together in this particular place and time.
What we share in common is a core commitment to follow in The Way of Jesus.

We commit to:

  • Prayer: listening for God’s desire & delight in our lives; developing trust & confidence in our love for one another; and opening our lives to deep conversion.
  • Study: learning the patterns of God’s love for the world through our family story in Scripture; seeking to make connections between the myriad sources of God’s revelation in and around us; and committing to an active, wondering posture.
  • Service: sharing Good News with those who’ve lost hope; providing for the concrete needs of our community; and advocating for a more just society, ecologically and politically.

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